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Our team are ready to help you find the right CPD for your Professional Development and answer any questions you may have about CPD subjects and formats.

Susie Coughlan

Managing Director
Susie Coughlan

Managing Director

Susie founded CPD Solutions in 1998 and continues to be fully involved as Managing Director. Susie qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon from Liverpool University, and completed a PhD in Veterinary Immunology at the University of Edinburgh before undertaking a Postdoctoral Research project on vaccine development. She has worked extensively in Small Animal Practice and understands the challenges of balancing work, family, hobbies and Continuing Professional Development!

Susie represents GB in her Age Group for Triathlon. Any spare time she has is spent as a taxi service for teenagers and unpaid groom at horse shows.

Helen Polec

General Manager
Helen Polec

General Manager

Helen has been with CPD Solutions since 2002. She keeps the business running effectively as we optimise current areas and expand into new areas of CPD provision. Helen plays a key role in course planning and scheduling, liaising with our specialist tutors and sponsors.

Helen’s outstanding logistical skills stand her in good stead for her weekends:  being at two different rugby venues at the same time while stripping wallpaper and organising builders.

Alison Malone

Postgraduate Certificate Programme Manager
Alison Malone

Postgraduate Certificate Programme Manager

Alison is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon with experience in Small Animal Practice and Industry. She has been with CPD Solutions since 2008 and has been involved in the maintenance of existing online learning systems and the development of new online formats.

Alison is responsible for managing the new Postgraduate Certificate programme. She liaises with specialist tutors, students and the University of Chester to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

In her spare time, Alison is a keen Formula 1 fan, and also enjoys Pilates and spending time with her family.

Debbie Jones

Customer Service
Debbie Jones

Customer Service

Debbie is one of the friendly voices at the end of the phone when you call us. She’ll help you choose the best course or CPD format and reserve your places on attendance and online courses. She’ll also contact you when your Webinar Club or Keysteps Online Membership is due for renewal, and with any important information relating to your bookings and memberships.

Debbie is very active; she loves cycling and clubercise. This helps her keep fit so that she has plenty of energy for playing with her granddaughter.

Helen Adams

Customer Service
Helen Adams

Customer Service

Helen handles sales and she’ll send you your Invoice and your Course Information when you make a Booking. She’ll help you and your Practice Manager if you have any billing or payment questions, and she’ll follow up any outstanding amounts. Helen is highly organised and good with numbers.

She’s also very creative and can usually be found using her artistic skills making gifts for family and friends.   Helen also loves spending time walking with her two children.

Sammy-Jo Howard

Online Programme Coordinator
Sammy-Jo Howard

Online Programme Coordinator

Sammy-Jo coordinates the online programmes including Webinar Clubs and Online Mini Series Courses. She’ll help you if you have any technical issues or questions about your Webinar Club Memberships or Online Mini Series Course access. Sammy-Jo formats online presentations, trains speakers to use the online systems and runs multiple online sessions every week.

Sammy-Jo is a keen runner and particularly enjoys Boot Camps, she is also a volunteer for MacMillan.

Philip Creed

Creative Designer
Philip Creed

Creative Designer

Phil uses his design skills for producing printed marketing materials, online marketing ads and videos.  He creates and edits marketing videos and educational programme videos. He’s also involved in website maintenance and updates and webinar formatting.

Phil is a keen climber and can usually be found somewhere on a rock face in his spare time.

Kate Ainsworth

Kate Ainsworth


Kate works with our accountants to keep the books up to date and accurate. She’ll help you if you have any queries regarding accounts payable or other financial queries. She’s very organised and can always find what you need.

Kate is very creative and makes the most amazing cakes in her spare time.

Emer Nolan

Online Programme Coordinator
Emer Nolan

Online Programme Coordinator

Emer works on our Webinar Programme and Online Mini Series courses. She liaises with our speakers and helps them to deliver presentations online. She’ll also help you with any questions you have about your Webinar Club Memberships or Online Mini Series Course access. Emer runs multiple online sessions each week.

Emer loves cooking and travelling, and is already researching her next holiday!

Daisy Laird

Online Programme Coordinator
Daisy Laird

Online Programme Coordinator

Erin Coughlan

Website Administrator
Erin Coughlan

Website Administrator

Erin formats and edits pages on our websites. You’ll see her work when you browse our Online Mini Series Courses for vets and nurses at .

Erin works for us in her spare time – most of her time is spent at school or participating in sporting events. Riding is her passion and she hopes to start eventing this year.

Janet Palmer

Training Centre Manager
Janet Palmer

Training Centre Manager

Janet is the Centre Manager at our Training Centre in Studley. Janet liaises with all Lecturers, equipment and consumables suppliers to ensure all our courses run smoothly.

Janet is there to greet the delegates and help them throughout the day with any questions they may have.

Jane Ward

Training Centre Administrator
Jane Ward

Training Centre Administrator

Jane assists Ruth and Afton in all aspects of running our dedicated Training Centre in Studley (near Birmingham). Jane welcomes delegates, makes sure that they have plenty of tasty refreshments to keep them going during the day and helps with any issues or questions that delegates may have.

She compiles course feedback reports so that we can continually optimise our attendance courses and ensure that your learning experience just gets better.

Jane has a gorgeous Golden Retriever called Ted, and they’re undertaking gundog training at the moment. Ted is doing well, although he seems to suffer from ADHD and is easily distracted by other dogs and cameras!

Afton Jordan

Training Centre Course Co-ordinator
Afton Jordan

Training Centre Course Co-ordinator

Faye Wilcox

Veterinary Nurse
Faye Wilcox

Veterinary Nurse

Faye is based at Studley and works closely in the practical room with our speakers, demonstrators, sponsors and course delegates.

Chris Logan

Training Centre Technician
Chris Logan

Training Centre Technician


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‘I would just like to say how useful the webinar on the Diabetic Ketoacidosis was - the hour just flew by - I had to watch it yesterday as I was unable to watch it live - very good! Thanks.’

'Speaker absolutely excellent. Lots of good, practical tips. I learnt about how best we can use our practices current endoscopy and what to purchase to improve it.'

- John Gould

'Excellent - Have gained much more confidence from this course that I can use tomorrow in practice.'

- Tracey Whitehouse

‘Mark very clear and explains things in ways that are not only easy to understand but enable me to work out problems from the underlying principles.’

Extremely useful to build up practical confidence in emergency situations, excellent and engaging. Now I can face these procedures without panicking. High quality of teaching.

- Giulia Toth

‘Very informative, clear and easy to follow presentation. Extremely accessible way of clocking up those CPD hours and keeping up to date and refreshing knowledge.’

'I now feel totally confident to go ahead with endoscopic techniques and get useful information to help improve our service to our clients.'

- Jane Barwick-Nesbit

‘Thank you for offering such a great way to achieve further knowledge.’

Great balance of teaching through both practical Endoscopy but also the techniques, theory, what’s normal and what’s not. Taken me to the level I will be happy to go back to the surgery and get straight into working up cases and get stuck in!

- Simon Lyddon

'Superb! I would not hesitate to recommend this course to colleagues.'

- Hugh Morrey

‘Such a well put together through presentation that I have already been able to transfer across into using daily at work :) Excellent use of still images and videos to show what we should be aiming to see or how to find.’

‘I have more awareness of patient monitoring, value of cardiac monitors, importance of understanding what the monitor is recording and showing.’

'Access from anywhere anytime, and from a very reliable service.'

'The practical sessions were excellent. I feel confident enough to try these in practice. Definitely feel my objectives have been achieved. Lecture sessions were great. Excellent tutor.'

- Helen Stephenson

‘Thanks Martha for the webinar yesterday - my first! It was a good use of time which in my life is very important.

- ‘Simon DeVile

‘Thank you for offering such a great way to achieve further knowledge.’

‘I enjoyed your webinar about post hibernation of tortoises. It was easy to follow and very informative, not having extensive knowledge of this. It left me feeling a lot more confident about dealing with such a case. So thank you.’

- Tim Dannatt

'Really interesting and clinically relevant course. Good to use practical cases rather than just bland repetition of what is in the notes. Jane very approachable and interesting to listen to.'

- Geraldine Young

Excellent course. I learned a loads of handy tips. It is extremely useful, very practical and I will highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good start with Orthopaedics.

- Adelina Proteasa

‘Thought Jonathan Dyce's webinar was excellent, it’s the best one I've attended yet. It was very focused and very relevant to day to day orthopaedics.’

‘The whole course was so well presented – well organised and clinically easily understandable. The lecturer deserves an A*!’

'Superb - I feel more confident now caring for tortoises and communicating with keepers to ensure correct husbandry. Learning techniques such as O-tubing extremely valuable.'

- Lynne Faulconbridge

I found the course excellent. The practical sessions were also of great value, with good equipment and plenty of time to practise techniques. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of embarking on Spinal Surgery.

- Cathal Rafferty

'This was an excellent course, I now know what I should be doing when scanning hearts so will be scanning many more.'

- Sarah-Jane Eastman

I found the CPD very interesting and helpful. Having the opportunity to do scans and improve. The speakers explained everything and gave many useful tips. Time was more than enough for everyone to practice.

- Antonini Stavroulaki

'I performed a superficial caudal epigastric skin flap on a dog who had tried to jump a barbed wire fence causing a massive skin deficit in her groin. I would not have been confident to do this without the video on Keysteps online which shows step by step how to do this technique and explains complications that can occur. I don't think I would have had a successful outcome without the knowledge that Keysteps gave me.'

The course is very practical. I can use a lot of the techniques back home with confidence. The tutors are very experienced and eager to share their experience. The facilities at the CPD training centre are very good.

- Tanya Bruin

The knowledge I have reinforced alongside the surgical techniques I have learned will allow me to manage eye cases better, and to basically save eyes that would otherwise have been enucleation because referral is impractical for many owners.

- Stuart Lloyd

CPD Solutions have been fantastic.A huge help to me, and boost to my surgical skills and confidence. I’d highly recommend STS Refresher (and CPD Solutions in general) to any vet looking for relevant, comprehensive and interesting CPD.

- Maggie Sellers

‘So far has been the most useful course on abdominal scans I have done.’

Great experience at CPD Solutions learning about Local Anaesthetic Techniques. Would definitely recommend! Came with an idea of what I wanted to learn but came away with so much more!

- Paula Bagshaw-Wright

‘Thanks very much for the tortoise webinar - really helpful! Will it be possible to download the notes from the presentation? - it would be so useful!’

- Sarah Baird

Course Very Well Structured And The Tutor Was Of Very High Quality. I Would (and I Will) Recommend This Course To My Colleagues.

- Fabrizio Canelli

‘Thoroughly enjoyed it. Gained confidence in common approach and decision making. Good balance of theory and practical.’

- Philip Perring

‘Straightforward logical approach with lots of practical film reading rather than too much focus on theory.’

This is the best practical session I have ever attended. Lots of video clips detailing the surgical procedures. Practical sessions are excellent, one to one coaching is always available. I will definitely recommend this course.

- Soo Ming Teoh

'Fantastic course, really helpful image filled lectures to cement the images in your brain. Great hands on practical experience. Feel ready to take on my next Endoscopy.'

- Helen Dearing

‘Easily the best CPD I've had for years!!! Excellent tutor, good facilities.’

- Tony Syrris

‘I have just attended the webinar on feline urethral obstruction: it has been super! Martha has been really useful and clear. ‘

- Paola Fognani

‘I would just like to say the webinar was excellent. It answered a lot of questions that we have been debating at our surgery, especially the subject of in-dwelling catheters. It was practical and relevant and thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to more webinars!’

- Dave Cumber

‘My confidence to deal with those weekend chest films on my own is hugely enhanced. Good notes and good film reading practice.’

'Tutor was excellent. One of the most useful and informative courses I've been on. Every vet in first opinion practice would benefit.'

- Lucy Rivett

I chose CPD Solutions because the speakers are very knowledgeable and have a large amount of experience to use when answering questions.

- Fran Moreland

‘For the first time in my life I feel I could make a reasonable attempt at putting a plate on! Orthopaedics seems less frightening – the wetlabs were invaluable.’

‘I found the Feline Urethral Obstruction webinar very informative, practical and useful. I will probably change the way I manage these cases from now on and pass the new information on to my colleagues.’

- Sarah Topcu

Today has been fascinating and engaging and I will leave with renewed enthusiasm. I can’t wait to get back to practice and implement all that I have learned. There is the perfect mix of lecture vs practical to help maintain focus.

- Emma Fowler

'Excellent lectures, speakers very clear and informative, very useful practical sessions and helpful tutors. Very good to learn alongside other beginners.'

- Emily Hamlyn

'First thyroidectomy very successful thanks to the video and tips.'

‘Just a note to say thank you for enabling me to access the webinar. I thought Kevin’s talk was both interesting and informative and found the study regarding changing osmolality through the duration of the hibernation period particularly fascinating.’

- Sue Beck

‘Really excellent CPD. I was effectively challenged and encouraged to perform new procedures in a great small group environment and I am now much more confident to take them back to my practice.’

- Philippa Morton

‘Fabulous webinar - thank you very much, really useful and enjoyable.’

‘Just wanted to say I find the webinars a very good way of topping up my CPD, although I can rarely listen to them live. I particularly liked the cat vaccination webinar I have just listened to, very informative and practical.’

- Robert Lee

‘This was a brilliant webinar. Enjoyed it very much and learned a lot too. Thank you for doing this. Dr. Eatwell really has the right feel for those precious creatures.’

- Irina Weese

‘May I take this opportunity to express how happy I am with my membership of Webinar Club thus far. I have been impressed by the efficiency and reliability of the webinar service, which compares very favourably to your competitors.’

‘I would like to pass on my compliments on the online CE program and the superb quality of the ultrasound miniseries. This is my first experience with your program and I am very impressed with the quality.’

- Kelly Hall

'It allows me to perform a significant amount of my yearly CPD obligation without having to spend time away from my young family.'

'Being able to do the course in your own time at your own speed was really useful.'

‘Just for the record - I think this is a wonderful service.’

Excellent delivery of the course. Great balance of the theory and the practical sessions. It makes heart scan so much easier! Very informative, interactive supported with the clinical cases. Strongly recommended.

- Iwona Szmyd

‘Very good engaging speaker, easy to listen to approachable. Representative models were effective and simple. I feel like I understand the basic principles of the techniques practiced and it has given me confidence to have a go in practice.’

- Josie Parker

‘Been meaning to contact you to say how useful the webinar was. I'm not very technical but found it easy to do & the information & the way it was presented was great.'

- Louise Mills

'Section on status epilecticus-had a dog that would not stop seizuring until I used the protocol given. Also gave me the information I needed to give a clear account to the owners.'

'A dog with a descemetocele would have lost its eye if I hadn't gained the confidence to perform a pedicle graft through a Keysteps Online programme.'

'Can complete CPD at work -no need for long days travelling by train, or giving up evenings.'

Brilliant interactive CPD course that fully met my expectations. Excellent tutors, helpful and happy to answer all my questions, give advices and practical tips. Would recommend it to anyone who needs to refresh their general practice skills, as I really enjoyed it.

- Joanna Maciejewska

‘Thanks for all the really well organised and good quality webinars.’

‘I have finally made time to watch the 3rd neurology webinar and would like to say thank you very much indeed for organising the course which was/is very interesting and useful. One thing I really like about these webinars is being able to watch them as many times as you like, within a certain period. It's also really good not having to drive anywhere.’

- Stella Hitchins

'Very enjoyable. Excellent opportunity to practice practical skills. Thorough, explanation and keen tutors.'

- Georgina Kendall

‘The videos were informative - it was great watching at home. I liked the quiz afterwards.’

'Thoroughly enjoyable, well taught and considered. Has put me at ease with some new techniques and ideas discussion made me feel that I would know what I would do in similar situations.'

- Emma Holmes

Brilliant course. Tutor very enthusiastic, small class size which is optimal to get a lot of time in lab, and one to one with tutor. Venue perfect.

- Ralf Konen

This has been such a great experience. I have come away learning more than I thought I would and now feel much happier with not only performing an ultrasound but also changing the settings to achieve a better image.

- Emma Bailey

'I am amazed at how much we have achieved in just 2 days. I'm looking forward to level 2 now. I will be a lot more confident at using ultrasound in future.'

- Emma Mapletoft

'Have used information from your PSS topic to help with a kitten with a shunt and neurological / fitting info for several epileptic / neurological patients. The best bit is being able to return to it when you like.' 'Found the CPD on osteosarcsoma particularly useful when discussing with owners about survival rates'

‘Re capping my knowledge was most useful and I found the multiple choice questions helpful to check I had understood what was discussed.’

'Really enjoyed it, hugely improved my confidence in Ortho cases and I am hoping to put my new skills into practice soon.'

- Emma Lindop

‘The ongoing access is the gem of your course!’

‘I enjoyed the webinar very much, found it very informative and interesting. Thank you very much! ‘

- Kerstin Vockert

Excellent course content, level was just right for me. Really good balance of lectures and practical sessions too. The speaker was excellent, friendly and approachable throughout the day. Definitely will be recommending CPD Solutions to my colleagues.

- Anthony Dennison

'Excellent speaker. Clear concise and relevant information. Fascinating insights. I found the whole day most enjoyable.'

- Andrew Chivers

'Very enjoyable and informative. Lots of time using the Ultrasound machine. (Which was great) Feel a lot more confident about scanning in practice now.'

- Louise Topham

‘I greatly enjoyed the webinar and found lots of useful information.’

'I find having whole days away doing CPD very difficult to manage with young children. Now I do CPD when it suits me in smaller units.'

‘Just like to say it was a very informative series and I am now more confident and skilled when performing abdominal ultrasounds. Thank you.’

‘Wow! Thank you so much for a wonderful lecture. That was the best CPD I've done in years. You explained everything really clearly and succinctly. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Esther.’

- Sarah Shephard

An excellent practical course with patient and skilled tutors. Covers all the major emergency procedures that you worry about on call. I am much more confident with the surgeries and have picked up lots of useful tips.

- Laura Powell

'Livia was a brilliant tutor - excellent course content and so approachable and helpful. I have leart so much in these 2 days - all of which has been seful and relevant to general practice.'

- Miranda Sheppard

‘Course excellent and best instructional U/S course I've attended.’

'This course was exactly what I wanted it to be. It simplified some of the topics, meaning I'm more prepared with how to explain common cancers and treatments to owners.'

- Sally Collins

'Having already had a very high opinion of CPD Solutions Orthopaedic courses, this course met and exceeded my already high expectations. Application of techniques learnt today are applicable to a very wide range of commonly encountered fracture scenarios and are likely to be put to near daily use in our busy centre.'

- David Strong

'The course content far exceeded my expectations. Refreshing to cover a subject in such depth & detail. Also was by far the best lecturer I have come across & thoroughly enjoyed my dat. Would recommend this course to every nurse with a interest in dentistry.'

- Claire Francis

‘The best course I've seen.’ ‘Have already recommended it!’

Amazing. Really good for vet surgeons that are not comfortable around U/S machines. The course offers a good introduction to U/S basics. Practical part quite long and allows us to practise and feel more confident.

- Nadia Cufos

This course provided a great combination of theory and practical techniques. The information was very well presented and one to one feedback given during the wet lab. I now feel confident about getting on with exploratory laparotomies and beyond!

- Siân Richards

‘I thought the webinar on stifle radiology was excellent. I want to run and reassess all my old radiographs now!’

'Excellent course, pasionate speaker and extremely useful practical sessions. In only 2 days feel enormously more confident.'

- Topasz Koch
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