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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose CPD Solutions?

I have been asked many times ‘Why should I use CPD Solutions for my CPD? There are a lot of CPD options out there- what is it that you can offer me over other CPD providers?’

There are several good reasons for you to feel confident in choosing CPD Solutions for your Continuing Professional development.

  1. We make the process of choosing and completing your veterinary CPD as easy as possible. We’ll always help you to choose the best course and format for your learning objectives, whether that’s a practical attendance course, an online Mini Series or an online annual CPD membership. If you’re in any doubt, just pick up the phone and call us on 0151 328 0444 – we’ll give you all the help you need.
  2. Our veterinary CPD is guaranteed to provide you with skills and knowledge relevant for your first opinion practice. We take away your risk by providing a full money back guarantee if you do not find your learning applicable.
  3. We reward loyalty with additional benefits for our clients. For example members of our premium online veterinary CPD services Small Animal Practice VIP Webinar Club and Keysteps Online enjoy special discounted rates on all attendance and online courses.

2. Can I get the benefits of practical attendance courses with online CPD ?

A question that I am very frequently asked is ‘Can you really get the benefits of hands-on practical attendance courses from online CPD?’

The answer is yes – and no!

While online CPD really can be incredibly effective, especially when your online course features a lot of video, there are clearly limitations on the level of interaction that can be achieved over the internet. It’s just not the same as an expert tutor showing you how to do something, helping you do it and then giving you tips for improving your technique. There will always be a place for small group hands-on practical attendance courses in acquiring new skills and developing existing ones, and the best option may be to combine the 2 formats.

So go on a small group hands-on practical course to learn new skills with expert help, and then reinforce your learning with video-packed online CPD content.

3. What are the biggest benefits for me of using CPD Solutions for my CPD?

One of the biggest benefits of booking your veterinary CPD with CPD Solutions is the flexibility and range of CPD formats that you can enjoy.

We offer you complete flexibility. You can choose a high quality, hands-on practical course, where the knowledge and skills that you gain will more than justify the time you spend away from your clinic.

However, if you need a more convenient CPD solution, our online courses and CPD memberships combine presentations, interaction and key practical tips that will help you to move to the next level in your chosen area. And you free up the time you would have spent on travel or planning your course attendance.

We’ve worked hard to create a series of courses that you can easily fit into your busy life. We understand the importance of on-going CPD and we’ve helped thousands of vets and nurses develop their careers during the last 15 years. By making your CPD more accessible, we can ensure that we are helping you to find the learning format and content that you and your practice need.