PgCert Professional Development in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging (WBIS)

Develop your confidence and skills in Diagnostic Imaging and gain a valuable qualification in just 12 months with the New PgCert from CPD Solutions.

The next intakes are in 2023. There are intakes starting in February 2023 and July 2023. Download a 2023 brochure by clicking the button below to Register your interest now!


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The BRAND NEW highly practical, flexible and incredibly convenient work-based certificate programme from CPD Solutions.

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My imaging techniques have drastically improved which is very beneficial to my daily practice.

  • New Skills

    New and enhanced practical skills to enable you to carry out more effective procedures in your practice, increase practice revenue and provide a more convenient in house service for your patients and their owners.

  • 12 Month Programme

    The 12 month duration of the programme gives you a valuable qualification quickly. This means minimal disruption for you, your family and your practice and you can put your new skills to use straight away.

  • Attendance Sessions

    Just three attendance sessions, each
    of three days, to reinforce learning and
    minimise disruption to your life

  • Support

    A dedicated contact at CPD Solutions to help you whenever you have a question or a challenge.

  • Support

    Support from expert and approachable tutors throughout the duration of the course. Face to face practical sessions will help you develop your imaging skills, and your personal tutor will be there to guide your self-directed studies with feedback on your work.

  • Valuable Qualification

    A valuable qualification awarded by the University of Chester that you can use to further your career and raise your personal and practice profile. The PgCert is 60 credits on the National Framework at Masters Level. Provision is situated within Chester’s renowned work based learning and accreditation framework.

  • Extensive Practical Training

    Ten full days of hands-on practical training delivered by expert and approachable tutors.

What Vets Say About our PgCert Diagnostic Imaging course...

The teaching was excellent, very thorough and applicable to everyday general practice. I feel I can take a lot back to work with me and share tips amongst my colleagues for identifying radiographic abnormalities.

Miriam Collister MRCVS

Excellent practical sessions! Well organised and all tutors and demonstrators were supportive and knowledgeable.

Nicoleta Wilding MRCVS

The course was well-organised, the content was balanced, practical, logical and well-presented. It was a good combination of online lectures, hands-on practicals and meaningful discussions.

Janos Dorogi MRCVS

Very efficient way of achieving a certificate.

Claire Bradley MRCVS

Very good, always supportive.

Barbora Mead MRCVS

Enjoyed the course and furthered my skills for general practice.

Harriet Rhodes MRCVS

Long scanning time, which was great. Small groups was good.

Adele Fryers MRCVS

My imaging techniques have drastically improved which is very beneficial to my daily practice.

Claire Bradley MRCVS

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has made a real difference to my diagnostic imaging skills and my diagnostic investigation. I am now far more confident when performing imaging and interpreting images I have acquired.

Harriet Rhodes MRCVS

The course was well-organised, the content was balanced, practical, logical and well-presented. Veerle, Caroline and Dave are not just experts in their fields but also experienced, approachable and very helpful tutors. It was a good combination of online lectures, hands-on practicals and meaningful discussions. I was also glad to experience the great communication and cooperation in the multinational group of students and tutors.

Janos Dorogi MRCVS

Very good tutors. Feel much more confident offering ultrasound to owners now.

Tiago Freitas MRCVS

Very useful hands on teaching, plenty of time to achieve personal learning objectives.

Emma Hall MRCVS

I attended the Diagnostic Imaging Certificate in 2021 and was impressed with the professionalism and high quality of this organisation from the beginning. Staff were always helpful and at hand, aiming to keep us safe and provide us with a valuable experience at the same time. A special thank you to Alison who is such a patient and caring soul. I have learnt so much during the course not only theoretically but also practically. Thanks to this course I am also a much more confident clinician.

I can only highly recommend this course!

Katja Frizzera MRCVS

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CPD Solutions’ portfolio of PG Certificate Professional Development programmes is approved through the University of Chester’s award-winning work based learning framework for professionals. Chester is a leading HE specialist in experiential learning and continuing professional development which has developed its work based learning framework to enable academic credit for learning that occurs in and through work, supported by a process of critical reflection on practice. Please see here for more information:

This PgCert has been approved by the RCVS as part of a route to Advanced Practitioner status for the respective designation. Those wishing to apply for Advanced Practitioner status also need to have completed an assessed professional key skills module, such as the ‘A’ Module of the RCVS CertAVP (not currently offered by CPD Solutions), and met the other RCVS stipulated criteria, before applying for Advanced Practitioner status. You can find further information on the RCVS website:

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